Sketches-the first weeks


In the next few days I’ll be posting sketches from the trip, starting with the earliest and working up to the end of my stay. Although I’m not in Russia anymore, I’m still traveling without access to a scanner, so all work is going up as low-quality photos for now. Comments/criticism welcome.

police truck


Marx statue + early experiments with color and colored line


This is the church I mentioned in my first post: The Church of the Resurrection of Christ at Kadashi. The first (according to the guy I talked to) built in the Naryshkin Baroque style. It was closed during the Soviet era and is in the process of being restored. At the moment, it’s threatened by large new developments planned for the area surrounding it.

Chocolate Factory

Krasnaya Oktyabr Chocolate Factory. This building used to be a famous Russian chocolate factory. Now it’s loft apartments and contemporary art galleries.


Regrettably my only drawing of the Kremlin: this is one of several towers that line the outside walls.


This sums up downtown Moscow: An old castle-like building converted into a Giorgio Armani store.


Some research notes at the Abramstevo museum of Russian crafts and decorative arts.

Wooden Architecture

More Abramstevo: my first encounter with Russian wooden architecture.


One Response to “Sketches-the first weeks”

  1. Sam Washburn Says:

    I’m lovin’ it. Envious of the coloring, very nice

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