The Final Set

All images (or the best ones) are now viewable here.

Also online are pictures I made in Ukraine, during a brief stopover at the end of my trip.

The final set of pictures are not what I had expected I would make when I first started planning this trip and project. I had ambitions to capture slow decay and post-industrial fallout in Russia the way I had in St. Louis. But unlike rust belt cities in the US, Moscow isn’t on the decline- it’s developing rapidly and sometimes bizarrely, with designer stores and luxury skyscrapers springing up next to old soviet apartments and even older wooden houses and onion-domed churches. Russia has been through several dramatic changes in the past century and it shows. As time went on I had less and less of an agenda for my work and tried to take in everything uncritically. I think the collection of places and pieces of cities I found were fascinating and I hope that you agree- I hope that comes across in these drawings.

Thanks to everybody who reads these sporadic posts and has followed and supported me through this project. More updates will still come in the future.


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