A few things from the last few months:

There is a pictorial of my work up at the Melton Prior Institute website. Melton Prior is an organization based in Germany that does a lot of great stuff with reportage drawing. I put together a short slideshow for them of some of the images I liked best from Russia.

There is also a really nice write-up about my work at the Urban Sketchers Moscow blog. Urban Sketchers is a group for people who do on-site drawing, and they have sub-groups all of the world.

Finally, one of the images from this project was selected for the Illustrator’s Club of DC 15th Juried Show. The drawing of Marx (shown above) was on display with all the other show participants back in March and April, at Edison Gallery in downtown DC. It was a pretty excellent show- lots of really talented work got picked this year and it was an honor to have something of mine chosen. There should be a catalogue of all the entries getting printed sometime in the coming months.


2 Responses to “News”

  1. carla Says:

    Hello, i’ve just discovered your blog and your beautiful illustrations, I’m coming to Russia for the first time in September. Can you recommend a place to stay in Moscow? Only staying a couple nights before meeting a friend at a dacha, any tips would be very much appreciated! will keep an eye on your blog, it’s getting me excited about my trip! thank you!

    • meredithnelson Says:

      Hotels are very expensive in Moscow. When I was there I stayed in youth hostels and did homestays with Russian families. Try for hostels (I stayed at Comrade Hostel), and for host family placements. Good luck!

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